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The ModernistLook Glideo shoes redefine comfort with fashion flair. Their streamlined aesthetic combined with a plush, cushioned base offers an impeccable choice for every escapade.


Step into the Future with the ModernistLook Glideo Shoes!

Welcome to a world where comfort meets chic – the ModernistLook Glideo shoes. Designed for the urban explorer, our latest innovation in footwear is here to take your stride into a new era of style and practicality.
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Product Features

These shoes boast a sleek and modern design that is perfect for any occasion while ensuring that your feet stay comfortable all day long.
Soft Padding

Engineered for Daily Walks

Your New Partner in Crime

Every step is a breeze with ModernistLook Glideo. These shoes aren't just made; they're engineered with precision to enhance your walking experience. The journey matters as much as the destination, and with Glideo, you'll love every part of it.

Breathable Flyknit Fabric

Breath of Fresh Air

Say goodbye to the stiff, suffocating shoes of yesteryears. Our cutting-edge Flyknit fabric offers an extraordinary stretch that molds to your feet, providing a snug embrace without any compromise on breathability. Feel the air with every step, and enjoy that liberating sensation of walking on clouds.

Deep Heel Cup

Stability in Every Step

The deep heel cup feature is meticulously crafted to provide a secure, stable base that aligns with the natural contours of your feet. This thoughtful design minimizes the impact on your joints, optimizes your walking posture, and gives you a reliable foundation for those long days on your feet.

Ankle Support

Your Steady Companion

These shoes offer exceptional ankle support, designed to protect and stabilize your ankles with each step. Whether you're navigating city streets or maneuvering through a busy day, our shoes are there to support your ankles, so twists and turns are met with confidence and comfort.

Wide Toe Box

Freedom in Motion

Our wide toe box feature ensures your toes are not compressed but have room to spread naturally, reducing the risk of blisters and promoting better balance. It's the kind of freedom your feet will thank you for, giving you the liberty to move with ease and grace.

Lightweight Design

Effortless Mobility

Why carry extra weight when you don’t have to? The Glideo shoe is a featherweight champion, designed to lighten your load with every step. Its lightweight construction is a testament to the art of effortless mobility.

Revolutionary EVA Outsole

The Groundbreaking Sole

The Ground-breaking Sole

Renowned for its shock-absorbing qualities, the EVA outsole cushions your feet from hard surfaces, reduces fatigue, and provides a gentle bounce to your step, invigorating you with every move.

Triple-Layered Insole

Three Layers of Comfort

The top layer caresses your foot with immediate softness, the middle layer offers adaptive support to distribute your weight evenly, and the bottom layer absorbs shock, reducing stress on your feet and joints. Together, these three layers work in harmony to create a walking experience that feels personalized and luxurious.

Soft Padding

Embrace Ultimate Comfort

Our all-around soft padding is the embrace your feet have been longing for. Strategically placed to prevent any discomfort or abrasion, the padding is like a continuous hug for your feet, providing a seamless blend of comfort and protection.

Easy-On System

Simplifying Your Stride

No more bending over backward to wiggle into your shoes. The ModernistLook Glideo design allows you to simply slide your foot into the shoe as it naturally opens to welcome you. It's a no-hassle, no-fuss approach that respects your time and agility.

Stylish & Versatile

Style that Speaks

The ModernistLook Glideo isn't just a shoe - it's a statement. With a sleek design that complements any outfit, these shoes are the perfect accessory for both the boardroom and the boulevard.

Additional information

Shoes size

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 42.5, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 47.5, 48



32 reviews for ModernistLook Glideo – Noir

4.8 Average Rating Rated ( 32 Reviews )

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  1. Dora Z.

    My fiancé has been in search of black shoes for our wedding, and these are the ideal choice with their Oxford stitching and sleek black soles. He often finds that conventional black dress shoes tend to pinch his toes, but when he tried these on, he was absolutely delighted. The knit fabric incorporated into the design provides a bit of stretch, ensuring ultimate comfort. What’s more, they fit true to size.

  2. Tom K.

    It’s genuinely challenging to express how comfortable these shoes are. I spend my entire day on my feet, and when I return home in the evening, my feet are pain-free. They seem to conform perfectly to your foot shape. I’m not sure what material they’re crafted from, but it feels like every shoe in existence should be made from it. These shoes strike the ideal balance between dressy and casual, making them a fantastic choice. I’m certain I’ll be purchasing them repeatedly, and I’m hopeful that they’ll introduce more styles with the same remarkable material.

  3. Peter B.

    The combination of quality, comfort, and style truly elevates the entire purchasing experience.

  4. Kristina

    This marks my husband’s second order of these shoes! They combine comfort, style, and durability perfectly. He relies on them for daily wear during the workweek, and they typically endure for around a year, which is quite impressive given how rough he can be on his footwear. Many other shoes wouldn’t hold up as well!

  5. Jim L.

    I adore these shoes; they’re excellent for flat feet and provide good support for those with high arches. They’re effortless to slip on and maintain a professional appearance.

  6. Denis E.

    This product is outstanding. I’ve cherished these shoes ever since I acquired them. I continue to wear them, and they’ve never given me any trouble. The shoes are exceptionally comfortable and provide a pleasant sensation on the feet. The material is stretchy, allowing ample space for toe movement.

  7. Zoe J.

    I purchased these for my son, and he opts for them as an alternative to traditional leather dress shoes. They maintain a professional appearance, and he attests to their remarkable comfort.

  8. Roxanne M.

    Ordered these for my picky husband. They fit perfectly, are comfortable, lightweight and very attractive. Would go well with jeans or leisure ware, but wouldn’t use them for hiking.

  9. Tereza P.

    These shoes are quite nice, though they do come at a somewhat higher price point. However, it seems that you truly get what you pay for. My husband adores the fit, quality, and the appealing color that makes them perfect for a semi-dressy look.

  10. David L.

    I’m delighted with the shoes; they are incredibly comfortable. They arrived in excellent condition and were delivered swiftly. Everything is just as I hoped. Thank you! 🙏

  11. Kevin H.

    ModernistLook truly excels as a quality shoemaker, and I find myself recommending them often. I purchased this pair specifically to ensure comfort during conferences, where I’m constantly on my feet throughout the day. They prove to be the perfect choice for such occasions, and they also maintain a stylish appearance!

  12. Zack L.

    I ordered a pair of these shoes because my workplace adheres to a business casual dress code, and my colleagues had spoken highly of ModernistLook footwear. Let me tell you, they were worth every penny. These shoes not only boast a stylish appearance that seamlessly complements the business casual attire, but they are also among the most comfortable pairs I own. They’re versatile, looking great with both slacks and upscale jeans. Regarding the fit, they stay true to size. In terms of comfort, I can wear them all day without experiencing any foot pain. I work at a standing desk, and I can stand for extended periods with no issues when these shoes are on my feet.

  13. Luis L.

    These shoes offer an exceptional level of comfort. Their knitted construction provides flexibility and a wonderfully soft feel on your feet. The footbed is impressively comfortable, clearly indicating their high-quality craftsmanship. These shoes excel in the realm of dress-casual footwear, and they are sharp enough that you could confidently wear them with slacks, depending on the occasion. In summary, they are a versatile choice that bridges the gap between dress-casual and more formal attire, all while providing the comfort akin to that of a slipper.

  14. Trevor M.

    The shoe is very stylish. With that said, they are quite comfortable and would feel great on a sunny day.

  15. Nadiia L.

    The comfort is very important and it’s color that goes well with everything. The material of these shoes allows for a seamless transition from casual to dressy attire. Got those fir my husband and they look great with everything.

  16. Nik L.

    I spend the majority of my day on my feet and was in search of something that combines style and comfort. These shoes unquestionably satisfy both criteria. They were a fantastic purchase, and I’m even considering getting another pair in a different color.

  17. Diego K.

    Smart style, comfortable and great for travel.

  18. Peter J.

    As a car salesperson, I’m constantly on my feet throughout the day, and I must say that ModernistLook has crafted the finest dress shoes I’ve ever worn. These shoes have eliminated any back or knee issues I used to face. Surprisingly, I actually prefer them over my sneakers now. The remarkable comfort and the exceptional support from the soles are significant advantages!

  19. Anatoliy E.

    Shoes were as described. My son says they are a great fit and feel comfortable. He likes them. I ordered a pair for myself.

  20. Alex K.

    These shoes are awesome. I get compliments every time I wear them. My best purchase for a last time.

  21. Felix L.

    Very comfortable & arch support is great. True size. Easy to slip on and off and go great with business casual clothing.

  22. Karolina K.

    They were just great. Purchased as a gift to my boyfriend and he absolutely liked it. 5/5

  23. Dimon K.

    The fit of these shoes is exceptional, and I have a strong affection for all ModernistLook footwear. They strike a perfect balance between business and casual, even pairing well with jeans. Given that I’m on my feet throughout the day, it’s worth noting that my feet never experience discomfort when I’m wearing these shoes.

  24. Gregory K.

    It’s very nice shoes. I have a few of ModernisLook shoes and I never get disappointed. They fit right and very light. I’m sure I’ll keep buying their products.

  25. Stephen A.

    These shoes boast a fantastic appearance and are incredibly comfortable. To my surprise, I wore them on a 3-mile walk through the city without any discomfort, even without the need for a proper break-in. They felt like I had been wearing them for years.

  26. Timur B.

    These shoes are perfect. They have just the right length, offering ample space in the toe area. Initially, they felt slightly snug in terms of width when I first tried them on, but after wearing them for just a few days, they have become incredibly comfortable and have a stylish appearance. I can’t predict their long-term durability, but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

  27. Rick G.

    This dress sneaker looked trendy and comfortable and it will work as a nice casual shoes or going well with business casual attire. I tried it out and it was comfortable. The only unknown would be the durability and I plan to take it to my next vacation to see its durability performance. If I found any short coming, I will provide an update.

  28. Andrew H.

    I acquired these shoes recently, and they indeed match their advertised size accurately. I had some initial concerns about them being too tight on my toes, but to my delight, they fit perfectly. Moreover, they have to be the most comfortable work shoes I’ve ever worn. Being a salesperson on my feet all day, they are an absolute lifesaver.

  29. Mike B.

    Usually, I don’t invest in shoes at this price point, but I’d heard positive reviews, all of which proved accurate. These shoes are lightweight, fit just as I expected, and are remarkably durable. Given that they are constructed from cloth and mesh for breathability, it’s no surprise that they aren’t water-resistant. Overall, I’d rate them a perfect 10/10.

  30. Derek L.

    Fit right out of the box for my wide high arch feet. Light weight and classic style. These might become my new favorite travel shoes. Very comfortable and stylish. Highly recommended.

  31. Max P.

    These shoes are amazingly comfortable. I have noticed, I don’t wear my other sneakers anywhere near as much as I used to. These have become my go to shoes. They are casual, but look a little more dressier and feel like you are wearing a great pair of sneakers more than a shoe. They fit perfectly, not to snug or not too loose.

  32. Barry L.

    So far, they are holding up well. When I first got them, I was concerned about using them on a daily basis, as they seemed very lightly constructed. But after wearing them for a couple of weeks, they are holding up and working well. They are very comfortable, supportive and well-ventilated.

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