ModernistLook Black Smart Pro – Water Resistant Backpack with USB Charging Port

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Whether you are commuting to work or going for travel, the Modernist Look Smart Pro is ideal for any situation.






The Smart Pro features an S-Type strap, which reduces the stress the backpack has on your back and posture. This means that you’ll feel much more comfortable wearing it every day, and also it will have less strain on your back.





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40 reviews for ModernistLook Smart Pro – Water Resistant Backpack with USB Charging Port

This bag is quiet amazing I love it

Nicole Paraskevas

Loved my backpack. It fits my laptop, books, cosmetics bag, everything. It feels confortable. Nice good looking backpack, loved the design.

Andreaverified owner

It is an amazingly useful backpack. I use it every day for school, work and I even travel with it. I love the compartments and it is very easy to keep everything organised.

Fanni verified owner

Nice backpack – received as a gift. Was hoping to exchange for different color. 30 day return policy – even though it took over a week to deliver. Too short of a return/exchange policy. Look elsewhere.

Nina M

Used this for the first time to replace my little conference interpreter roll-on suitcase, and I absolutely love it! The weight is really well distributed and comfortable to carry, even with all the tech I need to carry with me. I have much more peace of mind, not having to worry about overhead locker space, or at least not to the same extent. If you fly on average 4 times a month, that can be a major stress factor, and it certainly was for me. I found that for a two-night work trip, I managed to get everything I needed into the backpack, and there was still room for a duty-free purchase. The pockets and pouches are also well thought-out. Everything I needed to have at hand during travel (including charging cables for phone at the airport) was easily accessible, basically because of the excellent way one can organise things. I am a convert, and for most of my short work trips, I won’t be using a suitcase anymore.

bormaennchenverified owner

The video shows “the backpack reinvented”. Yes, this backpack has a very different structure and logic compared with the traditional ones. I had to make a real effort and rething my way to pack. Plus: 1. Premium material 2. Very ergonomic, I did not feel the weigh of the backpack during the long walks despite it was fully packed. Very very nice! 3. I like the possibility to load my mobile on the go. 4. It is easy to put the bag under the seat on the airplane. 5. Roomy, basic stuff for a trip plus reserve clothes were in the bag. Important to think of: The material of the Modernist look is stiffer than the tradional backpacks so the bag is not too flexible. The rules of hand lugge are very strict on the European low-fare airlines. If one wants to achieve the best ratio of pressing the maximum amount of stuff into the limited size of hand luggage a more traditional backpack is better alternative. Funny: The bag is designed to be safe. Sometimes I, the owner had difficulties to unzip the compartments I am sure because it was first trip with Modernist look and not used to it) so the thieves have no chance! Missed: Organized compartment for pens, card, etc. Very nice bag, I will use it on my upcoming trips!



Michelle Wei

It seems very suitable for traveling.

Wei Yun Chang

Just as it’s described bag is awesome. I would recommend getting the other colours instead of black if you don’t mind standing out

Shayverified owner

just got one in order…. il wait and se if he is as amazing as i wish


This is my absolute favorite weekender and commuter bag. I have used this bag for weekend trips as well as day to day. I have been using the bag for 4 months and it still looks like new. I have nerve issues in my neck and shoulder, and my neurologist approves of this bag due to the excellent weight distribution when packed. The security pocket fits passports and travel documents well. Every aspect of this bag was thought out well. Buy this bag, you won’t regret it.

Kellie S.

I ordered my backpack on the twelfth of jan, it wasn’t supposed to get here until early february due to lack of stock and shipment time to Australia. and it just got here , i am extremely happy with the purchase and it is exactly what its supposed to be. I highly recommend this backpack for school and everyday life.

Breeverified owner

I bought this to replace my husbands very old and very used backpack from his college days. He lugs around a 17 inch laptop, and the old backpack did nothing to protect it. I worried that the compartments may be a little too small for everything he usually keeps, but he has no complaints. Would recommend.

Eva Smith

The backpack is bigger than you think. Also if your powerbank has an on/off button, you will have to open the backpack to access it, vs they should have put a small zippered pouch on the outside to access the charger. You could fit two large binder inside the compartment and maybe three-four college size text books.

Rita S.

Amazing just get it!??


I really like all the organizational options and pockets. This bag holds a lot! I use it for work.


Very nice backpack. The quality will have to prove itself over time, but I hope it will last 2+ years. Thanks again!

Sophie P.

Fits 15.6″ laptop. The secret pockets are amazing. Only down point is that the straps feels a bit cheap, other than that everything’s awesome. Thank you


Commutes are a breeze, charged my phone on the journey and it is now 100% for the busy day ahead.


Does not fit a 17″ laptop! I should have read the specifications better but great backpack.


Great bag, might struggle to get some of the larger laptops in though, 17″ screens would be a challenge. Love the external USB port, already ordered a better power bank as the one I had was never used this much before. Nice colour, I went for the light grey one.


Comfortable bag, I tend to walk a mile or two each day and it is very easy to carry even when almost full. Too many useful pockets to mention, love the keyring attachment saves me carrying key in my pocket whilst walking.


Item arrived within 3 weeks! Ok with it.

Sally V

Giving this 2 Star because the backpack was lost in shipping transit. So it was delayed for me to get the backpack.


Cool bag, large and comfortable. I am 186cm was afraid it would be small!


Nice bag just need to buy my own power bank.


Amazing product with a stylish and cool design.


large capacity,, great material,, really loves


This is a great bag. Roomy, lots of pockets, comfortable. I had a small issue with the USB but customer service took care of it immediately.


Just got one for my birthday – FABULOUS ! Absolutely delighted – ideal fur my flights and trips abroad both work and pleasure


The backpack seems great but the color I received is not the one I ordered. I ordered a grey one, instead I received a blue one.

ksuracverified owner

I love the backpack. It’s very roomy and it’s money well spent. It is water repellent and I just love how comfortable it is to carry around.

Ruth Carew


Jodie Blann


Joshua P

I bought this backpack to make a trip across the country. It is extremely roomy. It has one large compartment where (potentially) a laptop and document. A very stylish look and made very durable.

Katie T.

This bag was been create to be safety for children’s, Adult organization being straight Very useful, support, care In every calculation !


Supper supper handig

Helena van den Berg

4 stars

Myrna Maranon



Just got this, perfect for going school with it! Fits all my school needs!

Nina Jansen

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